What I Do

I have solid skills with Ruby-on-Rails, HTML/CSS, JS and jQuery; so, I can get the job done one way or another. I am capable of writing complex algorithms and building well-tested solutions. Currently, I'm looking for employment as a Full-Stack Junior Developer while taking freelance website design projects under consideration. I learn something new everyday and have a fierce passion for design and programming, of any kind. Get in touch via email

Professional Design

I spent time with Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Xcode in highschool and college. In those courses I learned how to use the software properly and how to produce effective design with proven principles. This built a solid foundation of design principles which transferred over to web-development. My true passion is problem solving, and nothing feels better than solving one!

App Development

As a kid I began learning to program and have been tackling programming problems for years. I also taught myself HTML/CSS to the extent that I could build websites from scratch that looked halfway decent. When I went throught The Firehose Projects 24-Week Web-Development Bootcamp, they cleanly defined the path I needed to take to bring all of my skills full-circle. I am now a Full-Stack Developer.

Clean Code

Whether it's a coding challenge from a friend, a kata on codewars, a client's website, a project for an online course, or a personal project; not only do I strive to tackle each challenge, I insist on using the best practices to do so. Cleanly written, well-tested code is the only thing I am willing to produce. I will find the most efficient way to do things, without sacrificing elegance. There's no other way.

About Me

My life as a programmer began in about 2008 taking Python courses for free. I transitioned to design in highschool while taking a CADD class using Revit. That led to college Graphic Design courses where I learned Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, and Premiere. However, design didn't steal my heart nearly as hard as my C++ Programming and Networking classes did. Through my entire highschool and college careers I spent my time in non-tech classes reading books on my iPad about Stuxnet, the escapades of Kevin Mitnick, and The Art of Exploitation. I still remember the feelings of awe the first time I ran "python hello-world.py" in my console, when I finally finished that bubble-sort algorithm for C++, and when I built my first web-app. All of that led me to the almighty power of Ruby-on-Rails, an incredible Web-Development Framework with an amazing community of developers.









My Projects

These are all the projects I've built that are worth showing off. Take a look!

Stream Now!

Two-Sided Video Streaming marketplace


Instagram Clone built using Test-Driven Development.

To Do Application

Single Page Javascript Application

Chess - Agile Team

Project still in development as part of an Agile Team.

Gold Coast Homes

Mobile Homes Real Estate Website

Hiking Gallery

Just a fun website I'm building

Trinity Presbyterian Church

A great local church in my hometown

I am comfortable working with all the latest technologies to produce extraordinary applications and websites









Code Snippets

This is some code that I have written

Convert String to US Dollars Form

Array Sorting Method in Ruby (one liner included for funsies)


Most Frequently Occuring Number

Collatz Sequence

Blog Posts

I have a blog on medium where I talk about programming and such! Check it out!

Materialize: A Responsive Front-End Framework

Dec 3, 2016 in Web-Development

As a web-developer, I’m constantly learning new tools and finding new ways to make my day easier...

The Sieve of Eratosthenes

Sep 3, 2016 in Programming and Mathematics

The Sieve of Eratosthenes is a method of identifying prime numbers in a given list of (2..n)...

Contact Me

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